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iX104C2 Rugged Tablet Computer with MS XP TPC 2005


News From the Streets

New Toys:

Xplore is preparing to launch a new smaller port replicator module called a X-DIM in April 2006. The X-DIM will not require the large 4 foot cable that the PRM uses.

 The X-DIM does not work with iX104, iX104R, or iX104T.   It does work with all iX104C2 models.

 It will have:

  • 2 USB ports
  • Audio out
  • Mic jack
  • Power in
  • External antenna pass through connection
  • Attaches directly onto the X-dock w/o cable

You can still get the regular PRM solution if you prefer it.

XPL Mag Card Reader  (X-Swipe)

New Wireless options:   <Dates subject to change>

  •  Xplore also to launch Siemens Edge GPRS MC-75 (Feb - March)
  •  EVDO OEM module  (April - May)
  •  UMTS  (March)
  • Intel 2915 / 802.11 abg (WiFi)

(Check with an Authorized reseller for more information)


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Xplore Users doing their own thing with the iX104 products

   Linux Drivers

1. Wacom Digitizer  

2. Finger Touch Screen

3. On screen Keyboard

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5.  Wireless Information

How to Install Linux



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